As someone not house-bound and trying to earn a living, I don’t get to watch TV35 during the hours that most people would. I have never seen most of the programming, and based upon the audio and picture quality, a lot will induce some additional finger pressure on the Chan + button.

I mean, I’ve caught the 1994 Galloping Hill Cruise In more than once and have rocked out to Johnny Cash while the slides advertising the K of C and the Senior Broadway trip droned on. But nothing controversial.

Now, I’ve noticed that they’ve changed the by-laws.  And I don’t get why this is a big deal.

From my standpoint, Cranford residents should be able to produce programming regardless of the position of their viewpoint or quality of thought. If somebody in Cranford wanted to produce a weekly “Kazoo Kavalcade” featuring kazoo versions of Flatt & Scruggs songs, I really don’t care. It may be better than the upmteenth replay of the 1989 Memorial Day Parade.

It’s public access, people. People who want to put the time and energy into something to be televeised should be able to, as long as they are Cranford residents, and are willing to be embarrassed. That should be the only criteria after the basic legal ones like attempting to incite a riot.

Currently, I don’t get much utility from TV 35. To me, it’s apex was the Tax Day Storm Central coverage in 2007. That was Emmy-worthy.

Every now and then I get some entertainment from the freeholder meetings, where I feel I can make some snarky comments about them until I realize they have many more millions than I have to spend, and some of their millions is my contribution. Then I get a little depressed.

TV35 could be a lot more. I’m not saying they are doing a bad job, but there could be a lot more, and a lot more interesting programming.  With viewpoints that reflect the cross-section of residents. Not a “Fairness Doctrine” steaming pile type of viewpoints, but a selection of programming with different viewpoints. Right now, there’s just not much there of anything.

It will take a lot (as well as a printed and up-to-date schedule) to make it Tivo-worthy.