Been involved with other things, personal and professional…so I have to get caught up on some inane things here in town.

Expanding the Special Improvement District is a bad idea. Yes, the late lamented Swan Cleaners doesn’t look nice. But the success of the program is debatable. Did it improve the downtown since it’s existence or did the special assessment slow the Downtown’s growth that much more? Many things could have been achieved more cheaply, and with better results that what the DMC has done. Side question: Has the DMC accomplished anything besides getting Kathleen Prunty vested for a pension?

The Cap 2.5 plan will be awesome when inflation hits. This will be great. Have an amendment that limits government growth just before the government presses reaaaaallly get rolling. Talk about starving the beast.

$2 million in bonds for the Solomon Schecter school for parkspace that isn’t really needed? George Jorn smarmily makes a point that it would be nice to have some rateables there, which would be nice but much more likely that it would be an ugly building with heavily tinted windows and a huge “Available” sign out front for the next 20 years. George also neglects to think about the fact that nobody in the area would let the site become a rateable anyway (too much traffic! carbon emissions! cell tower! oh, wait). The biggest reminder from that article: George isn’t funny. Never was.

Oh, and congrats to the baseball and softball teams. Nice job, kids.

This is classic. 15 bureaucracies and 10 forms for $20 in vouchers for seniors to buy asparagus. What the hell is a Farmer’s Market Voucher Program doing even existing? All you have to do is bring your tax return and 5 forms of ID (wouldn’t want any fraud here, after all) and you’re on your way to some gratis tomatoes. Completely nuts if you’re not one of the staffers of this boondoggle. Note to seniors rubbing their hands together: killing this program would probably save you more than $20 in your property taxes.

I for one, am looking forward to the amusing names for fees that will be tacked onto the property tax bills in order to avoid the 4% increase cap. This year is the Sewer Fee (granted the TC has no say in the Sewer Fee since the Rahway Vallet Sewer Authority is a mess, was prevented from privatizing, and has court-mandated repairs with will probably be a billion dollars by the time they are finished). We should have a contest for future fees, right? My entries for fun future fee are: We’re Not Westfield Reminder Fee and the Garden State Parkway Convenience Surcharge.

And lastly, the “early” reopening of the Springfield Avenue Bridge, which only took a ludicrous eight months to complete as opposed to the completely ludicrous year that was predicted. Especially with the six months of the earth mover sitting there looking completely abandoned. Nice expectations management of a four week project at most, guys.

And Happy July 4th everyone.