When it comes to crime in Cranford, I often think about what goes unreported or underreported so that we all maintain that feeling of safety that is in everybody who owns property here’s interest. The police log in the Chronicle is so useless that the entries aren’t even amusing. I had to look up the crime stats on the FBI site to learn how many burglaries and assaults there were. We link to it here on the right. Cranford does not wear its crime statistics on its sleeve, but wants you to think it does.

But this entry made me chuckle. I wonder what goes into a four-month investigation. Is it a “Detective X made approximately 96 purchases of marijuana from the suspect in case some crazy judge throws out 95 counts of the indictment” approach? Or did the detective took the home improvement contractor approach and showed up rarely and at random times? Or did the detective have a strict budget and had to make the bust once he spent abut $250,000 of our tax money?

Well, I hope that the suspect beats the charges so that he can finish the season in the field for the Mets. (Sorry, I could only do so much.)