As an eyewitness to 9/11 (there are some earlier posts with a photo and my story from that day that I am too lazy to link to), and knowing people who perished that day, I have sufficient “moral authority” (I always found that phrase contemptible) to comment on the Cordoba House Project to build a mosque about a block and a half from Ground Zero. Which 61% of the public is against.

The whole exercise is a provocative, spiteful act that is classless and tactless on the part of the mosque organizers, and while they have the freedom of speech and religion to build it, we also have the freedom of speech to pressure them not to.

What actions of accomodation and tolerance have they undertaken to the families of the victims and the members of the community who were irrevocably scarred that day? Or to the first responders who are dropping like flies due to respiratory-related illnesses and hazmat exposures?

What signal are they sending to have a dedication ceremony planned for 9/11/11?

If a mosque goes in that space, is it more to have a nearby place for downtown-based Muslims to go pray, especially during the workday?

Or is it more of an in-your-face f— you when you hear the call to prayer singing over loudspeakers while you sit at the area for meditation and quiet reflection in the 9/11 memorial, remembering people who died for the transgression of showing up to work early that day? If that happens, do you believe that that there won’t be a group of guys high-fiving each other until their hands sting?

I say we let earshot be the rule of thumb for determining the location. And earshot is more than two blocks away.

But notice that I’m not saying no mosque.