The other night we had a milestone dinner and we decided to try Acquaviva Della-Fonti over in Westfield.

(A Toute Heure was closed for a private party.)

We made a reservation for Saturday, first online (and I received no response so and the next day I called) and when we arrived we only waited a minute or two for our table.

We concluded that our server must have been dumped by her boyfriend that morning, as she was not having a good night and was very distracted. First we waited about 10 minutes for our water and bread. We had to ask. When we got the bread we didn’t get the side plates that one gets when starting a meal.  Those came a couple of minutes later.

We had the menus that we brought with us from the seating area, and we were glad we had them. We weren’t sure how long it would have taken to get those. For a nice place, we were surprised that we noticed a few typoson the menu..such as Westfield, New Jeresy.

We placed our order, which our server took without reciting the specials (later when we asked, she did offer that we could change our order, which we declined).

We ordered the spinach & ricotta crepe appetizer and the lobster bisque. Both arrived scorching hot. We also ordered the salmon and the filet mignon. We did wines by the glass that matched the meal. Both wines were acceptable.

The crepe was mild and the ricotta was creamy. The small dollop of yams alon with it was pleasant. The bisque was notable since it wasn’t the type that restaurants get from SYSCO. It had nice chunks of lobster and was not overly creamy.

The salmon had a caramelized coating, and was flaky, and just a little bit of an oily coating. The filet mignon had some gorgonzola sprinkled on top and was a very nicely prepared piece of meat.

The restaurant was very busy and some tables were quite noisy, prompting a couple of head turns by my companion to see what the fuss was.

We didn’t feel rushed, and once we started asking for water refills, they came regularly. We asked for the dessert menu. When our server came back with only a water pitcher we looked at her with quizzical looks. “The dessert menu?”

 The light went on and she whirled back to get it.  By the way, no dessert specials were read. We ordered the zabaione, which was unexpectedly served chilled. We ordered espresso and capuccino, and they arrived promptly, but the sugar bowl did not. It was not her night.

So as we finished, the restaurant slowly emptied. The check ended up slightly more than $100. We can’t knock the service in general, and we did wonder what had happened to our server to make her behave so…we kept it cordial but didn’t pry.

But we enjoyed the food. It is a little pricy, but nicely prepared.