In high school, I took a computer programming class. Granted, PC’s were new and not really available to us kids yet (a friend of mine had an Apple II, though).

We had to program in BASIC. The neat thing was that our programs would be created on old teletype paper tapes…not even punch cards. Floppies were still pretty new and not in a high school budget.

I remember one of my projects was a racing game. You had four cars to pick from with different attributes for speed, fuel economy, cornering and braking. You picked your attributes and started the graphics…just descriptions.  Based upon the random number generator and the functional equation for each of the cars, you entered different parameters and raced. The Ferrari won the most races.

As a game, it pretty much sucked.

Here, a blogger must have taken the same class, only demonstrating a game about the Obama administration. A couple of these made me tilt my head back and laugh.