Pretty straightforward this time…not many buttons to press.

I don’t do endorsements. I have some preferences, but I think you should vote for the candidates of your choice.

I am amazed that Ralph Froehlich is running for a term that will end when he’s what, 83? And having met Bette Kowalski on several occasions and concluding that she’s almost lucid (and if you know Bette you know I’m putting that verrrrry diplomatically), I don’t have any major judgements on the others.

I predict the R’s will win in Cranford (sending the Cranfordtalk trolls into a complete breakdown), the D’s will win the county (they already have enough votes in the machines at the time I typed this on Halloween), Lance will win over the plucky science teacher Ed Potosnak (who if he really wanted to be a congressman should have run two years ago}, and our county clerk’s last name will end with an I.

You heard it here first.

Oh, and that constitutional amendment. Vote No. Don’t ever vote for something that is complete gibberish. Poorly written on purpose, with an interpretive statement that is the rearranging of the words of the amendment paragraph in random order, it essentially says that cash collected from State workers has to be applied to the benefits of State workers. Pretty much insulating them completely even if the state goes bankrupt. Or possibly preventing Trenton from paying bills in the short-term since the State benefits would effectively be in escrow.

If I’m wrong, you read it and tell me if you disagree. You won’t since you won’t understand it, either.