Now Cranford, living up to its purple demographics, voted in 2 Democrats that some describe as lacking charisma.

Council Two 3-Year Terms
Kevin Campbell (D) 3792
Edward O’Malley (D) 3618
Andis Kalnins (R) 3467
Mark C. Smith (R)* 3360

Why this happened could be about the sewer bills. It could be about the probably unnecessary purchase of the Solomon Schecter lot (because it would have probably sat for years). It could be because we settled the 555 South Ave lawsuit (which could have been different if Christie is able to do something about COAH). It could be in part due to the furlough plan. Without a 22,000 person survey, we’ll probably never know truly why.

So what now? Will these two newbies have what it takes to tell Dan Aschenbach to shut up? Will they hold the line on tax increases (Answer: No. Nobody could). The Town Council controls a small piece of the pie budget-wise. They don’t have that much leeway.

Some may think that having Dems in charge will help grease the skids in getting manna from the county. Answer: Maybe some tokens but don’t bet on much. There’s many towns in line in front of us who do a better job at rewarding the machine.

Good luck, guys. I hope you don’t forget about us hapless taxpayers.