A couple of weeks ago I bashed Bob Braun of the StarLedger who was all upset that we weren’t spending our last dimes on a new tunnel to NYC that didn’t make any sense.

If you want to have a confirmation on why Braun is an idiot, click the link.

This idea, I like a lot better.

One, it dovetails in with the number 7 extension. Two, it could help NJ hotels near train stations as riders could get directly into the Javits center. Three, it is probably the fastest way to get to the Grand Central area without having to dig across Manhattan. Four, it will alleviate some of the burden on the Penn Station tunnel as many midtown workers can bypass Penn to switch to their trains at Secaucus.

And the last reason is probably why this was never proposed before. It will cost NJ Transit some riders to NYC and a lot more people would switch in the empty cavern known as the Secaucus Transfer Station.

If NJ doesn’t get stuck with the cost overruns ala the ARC fiasco, I say go for it.