Maybe it was the copious amounts of Asti Spumante, but I laid low most of this weekend. I didn’t even muster the energy to come up with any stupid 2011 predictions for Cranford.

I got an email from WordPress that recounted “my year in blogging”. It said I did 75 post in 2010. Knowing that a lot of the posts were three liners and a link, I acknowledge that’s kinda dismal.

Employment has been a big barrier to more, higher quality posts. I figured out that the truly prolific are either wildly passionate about writing, are on Social Security disability or have a day shift job monitoring burglar alarms. I am none of those things.

I also am having difficulty staying interested in the goings-on in Cranford like I used to be. And there have been some breahtakingly stupid things going on that I should have researched and gotten to the root of, like the Lehigh lawsuit settlement and the Solomon Schecter ‘what the hell was THAT’ situation.

All I know is that there will be even greater money-wasting hijinks in Cranford in 2011, not because it’s 3-2 Dem, or because I personally find Dan Aschenbach really grating. It’s just what always happens. It’s the machine that runs and runs.

So maybe I’ll get back on the horse and get more involved. Maybe do some muckraking and calling out.

But more likely I will just continue to regroup from the excessively crappy year I had in 2010. Continue to hunker down and just get through this huge and needless wave of nonsense that radiates from all levels of government. 

So if you’re willing to be patient, then great. If not, please realize that you are merely getting what you paid for.

So Happy New Year everybody. May just about evry trend line reverse and provide you with a healthy, happy, prosperous year.

We’re due.