Okay, maybe the headline is a little misleading, but I will propose that it is essentially true.

The mayor (allegedly) had a car accident driving home after boozing on Christmas Eve, then moved his car and lied that it was a snowplow that did the damage.

What a well-thought out plan.

So how is this acting like a regular politician?

1. Deny Wrongdoing -” I didn’t leave a trail of fluid. It’s a conspiracy!”

2. Deflect Blame – “The snowplow did it” – despite the fact that there would be no paint marks on any of the snowplows and some poor employee may be accused unjustly.

3. The expectation of special treatment – Leaving the scene of an accident is a problem for the “little people”.

4. Seeking largesse – if the plow was found “guilty” then he would essentially be getting a bonus from his employer.

Yes, innocent until all that, blah, blah, blah.

Does Roselle deserve better? Probably.

But if this behavior is not as atypical as we think, don’t we all?