This week was a big week…one of the major things hanging over my head is essentially dealt with.  Maybe I will post about it sometime.

Hopefully as things go I will be able to pay a little more attention to Cranford and this blog. For over a year I have been swamped with little free time. One aspect is that we’re trying to get in as stable a situation as we can, as we’re in a depression, you know. 10 years from now that is what we will be calling this era.

So as opportunities come along, I’ve been trying to make the most of them, and have been forced to leave some projects near to my heart pretty much in the dust. It will be years before the climate comes back to make them viable again, if ever.

But I was going to stop over on Thursday and check out Cruiser Night…and see if it was any different from the 43 previous Cruiser Nights. And I was denied due to some clouds and some blotches on a Doppler Radar screen.

We’ll see if I can make the next one.