Well, THAT was interesting.

I was in an office building. I was on the phone with someone in Long Island when my chair started shaking. At first I thought someone dropped a pallet of something on the floor above us…then I thought there was a construction accident across the street (they have a big crane)…

Then I realized what it was. I was suprised that the lights didn’t flicker, my phone connection didn’t stutter and I kept looking up and listening for rattling windows or ceiling tiles about to dislodge. Which, of course, didn’t happen.

Then I listened to the person on the other end of the phone flip out when it hit them a few seconds later. 

So overall, not a bad experience. Nothing seems to be broken and I was able to go about my afternoon with occasional looks at the people standing in the street worrying about aftershocks.

I had felt the NYC October 2001 quake, and also the 1998 Western PA quake.

This one was way better.