After going on Facebook tonight and seeing about 35 or so people chime in about the passing of Steve Jobs….I suppose that a lot of people feel strongly about how he made his contribution in life.

My first thought was that he was a great marketer…for a couple of reasons. One, he kept the engineers from adding features that they thought were interesting but would detract from the user experience. Two, he mastered promotion, hype and image that few can.

My second thought was that while he had a good eye for design and was obviously exceedingly bright, at the end of the day, most of what he focused on were short-lived gadgets…which will fade like the Zip drive, once useful, but replaced by successors that do the job better or solve the problem more conveniently. I would also be suprised if iTunes is much of a force in 10 years.

So in 20 to 25 years, I wondered what would he be most likely remembered for? Do we get nostalgic for David Sarnoff? Bill Lear? No. We read about their contributions in Popular Mechanics articles or wikipedia when a paper is due, but don’t celebrate them.

So what will Steve Jobs be remembered for in 2031?

Probably Pixar, whose movies play on demand via little chips implanted in our brains.

While not 100% awesome, they have produced some work that I would think would stand the test of time. The Bambi and Cinderella of the millenial generation. I believe that is what, especially for those under age of 30 then, will think of Steve Jobs.

Still, not bad.