I have been meaning to comment on Corzine’s congressional testimony. If you’ve ever read the older posts, you’ll know that I don’t care much for him. Not because he is/was a Democrat, but because he was so underwhelming and squandered a golden opportunity to make the state better.  And his toll plan was one of the more idiotic efforts I have ever seen by any politician.

While I have not read everything about MF Global, I can tell you this. I have been the finance guy in a few companies. I have run my own company. Unless they kept Corzine locked in a room and only brought him out to schmooze clients….he knew where the money was. In your company, you know. I would know. The owners knew just as well as I knew. They asked every day. Most got reports every day. And when your big bets are due and you need money fast, do you actually think that they wouldn’t ask where this “miracle money” came from? Even if they didn’t know the individual accounts affected, they knew in generalities what happened.

This is utter, utter BS. If he didn’t give the order..he knew what was going on. The people under him wouldn’t have stuck their necks out like this. If they did, they are the biggest idiots on the planet.

These aren’t people losing a shoebox of records. This is not misplacing a batch of paper slips. These guys had systems that reconciled accounts daily. They knew who they took from, how much, and where the money was placed.  And they have backups of that information.

Here are what thieves look like. This is what arrogant pieces of human refuse look like.


The statements and testimony of these guys are pathetic.

And they should fry for this.

It is insulting that they are leading with the “we didn’t know” defense. What is even more insulting is that it will probably work. And the accounting staff that most likely did nothing wrong is probably soiling themselves right now, as these guys will throw them under the bus for their own decisions in a heartbeat.

They. Knew. EXACTLY. What. Happened. They know where the money is. And they don’t have the honor to come clean.


To paraphrase the President…they should be given fair trials and sent to prison.