Chief Mason’s banter on a phone call eight years ago does not interest me. It was clear he was joking around with his son. The only thing he should apologize for is not being funnier.

But there are a couple of things I do want to comment about.

One: Who decided to trot out a recording of it now and what was their motivation? Mason has his enemies, perhaps deservedly so, and was this an act of bitterness in an attempt to derail his taking of he Admin position?

Two: His move over to Admin does not seem beyond the pale, but does smack of being abnormal. But to br fair, it has been below my radar and I haven’t grilled anyone about it. Work has been too busy.

If being suspicious, I would be concerned that the kind of job switch Mason did could enable him to perpetuate wrong doing (like a bank manager in the olden days keeping a fraud going by never taking vacation). I have no indications that it could be the case and I am making no allegations.

Three: What are the security procedures for the telephone recordings? Who has access and what is the criteria that allows it to be public? Do we have to worry about other calls being public in order to embarrass people? Do we have a violation that exceeds what it was trying to expose?

I did get an interview request from Dan Mannarino from WPIX today. I didn’t consent to it (he was probably on his way back to the editing room by the time I replied to his email). So he had to settle for the two guys at Rock N Joe instead. He seems to have done his best to make something out of very little.,0,2362066.story