Before Woodrow Wilson went off to Washington to be a favorite president of most historians (as you can see the majority of Presidents in the top quartile were lefty and elitist outside of  the big three of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln; you can look here for proof:, he was extremely accomplished at ruining fun for everybody.

For example: he banned fraternities and sororoties when he was president of Princeton University. And they’re still struggling with it today as scores of students prefer them to the haughty and mostly lame “eating clubs”. (Being too stupid to attend Princeton, I only crashed some of their parties, and yes, I strongly preferred the beer-swilling extravaganzas at my college of choice (sorry, Dad, but I think you knew that already)).

So Princeton is cracking down and will actually suspend freshmen who are caught joining Greek organizations. Which are off-campus and relatively underground anyway as they are not recognized by the University.

That strikes me as harsh. What’s wrong with freshmen learning how to control fun while learning? Some will learn the hard way and land on academic probation. Organizations or not, some will get alcohol poisoning. Yes, due to our litigous society the University is compelled to make an effort to prevent students from dying (and avoid the bad publicity), but they also often take on the role of surrogate nanny.

Another thought: If they’re not recognized and underground, then Princeton students are the worst secret keepers ever.