Well, for over three years I was able to post somewhat regularly about topics that were dear to my heart. However, since 2010 I have essentially worked two jobs and was ecstatic about doing so. Since the two jobs I worked before then were not enough to get anywhere.

But I did have much more time to rant about things with my earlier crappy jobs.

Sure, there are lots of unsaid rants from the past two years. The outrage that Jon Corzine will not be prosecuted by this US Justice Dept for example.

Or that our property taxes are up almost 50% since we moved here 8 years ago.

Or that they are considering taking Old Peppy down.

Or that Governor Christie has not done more to kill COAH, fix Abbott districts and make more changes to get NJ on a sustainable path.

But as it is with so many of us, when you get those few minutes for a post, you just don’t have the energy…and I am guilty of that.

So, until I either lose one of my jobs or are made big boss at one, can quit the other and have free time again, the blog will remain sorta tepid.

Sorry, but you get what you pay for.

In the meantime, yay me…5 years.