At least once a week I pass through the PATH station at WTC and have been watching the construction of the (finally!) new towers @ WTC. I’m still a bit conflicted about the design, but the buildings will be, well, tall. I did want twin towers of some sort of the site, as opposed to an array of spectators overlooking an accident scene.

I guess I didn’t place an online comment at the appropriate place or time.

A couple of weeks ago, when we had out-of-town visitors, we did stop in the 9/11 preview site by Saint Paul’s. We were not able to get passes to go the the memorial that day, which is probably a better thing, as I didn’t want that to be treating it as one stop in a fun tourist day in the city.

The preview site is a mish-mash…one room of exhibits and FDNY coffee mugs and NYPD T-Shirts all together. And as loud and crowded as any other store would be at the height of the holiday rush.

So, despite not having checked out the memorial, I will remember those who perished in my own way. May the rest in peace, and may we never forget what happened that day and why.

From My NYC Apartment Window