I watched the entire Romney Obama debate tonight.

Yes, by the end I was in fact the only family member still conscious.

Funny…To me Obama did better than I thought he would. He seemed to sound logical (more than usual), no inane strawman arguments and actually made some points where he sounded reasonable. I had to at times remind myself that while what he said sounded good, he had three years and has made a trainwreck into a multi-state disaster area.

But I thought that he behaved as an adult and reasonably presidential and had abstained from dopey attacks (like screaming 47%!!1!!) and high school-style political games. What made me laugh was watching a few minutes of MSNBC post-debate coverage and they were crushing him over that very thing. Hilarious.

(I am not an Obama fan. If you want to scroll down through the archives, you can read on how I doubted his math, and how his inexperience would lead to bad decisions. And sometimes it stinks when you are proven right. Yeah, yeah, he inherited a crisis….but he screwed up royally. With constant threats and regulatory and tax uncertainty, he basically created a capital strike by small businesses. Nice going. Count me as an anybody but him voter.

But I cannot say I am a 100% Romney voter. I read an article the other day that essentially describes me as cold and calculating for my libertarian leanings (no, not a PaulNut, though.) http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390444358804578016291138331904.html#articleTabs%3Darticle

So my cold and calculating nature critqued Romney as being a better choice, but not bouyed by some of his plans (for instance, I’d rather see Medicare broken up and managed by the states with a good dose of Tort reform…which renders me unelectable).)

But Romney had a command of the facts and could speak clearly on policy…I was impressed with his actually remembering points one, two and three when he rattled them off…

Obama made the exact same accusation more than a couple times which made the first hour more repetitive and boring than it should have been. That was lame.

I thought Lehrer did a good job. It’s not about keeping control, it’s about getting stuff out in the open that matters. If he asked “Coke or Pepsi” I don’t know what I would have done.

I was suprised how the post debate coverage on multiple channels was almost all Romney did well, President Obama, not so much…

I wonder if Obama will do the next one with lots of makeup on and sigh very loudly (See Al Gore, 2000).