Well, if you’re looking for cutting edge Sandy info…All I have is what I see on the Doppler and what the police dept is saying. And that is, if you got flooded out last year, you have to evacuate this time as well.

We are luckily just outside the flood zone, so we’re staying. We also didn’t flood out last year, so we’re optimistic.

While the storm will be a relatively slow mover, as it will move northwest then pivot more to the northeast, it is not clear how much we will get in relation to those south of us. We will be on the eastern side of the storm, so it may be windier than last year.




https://local.nixle.com/alert/4904392/ – Mandatory Evac Notice.

Good luck, everybody.

UPDATE: Found this map which forecasts us getting a lot less rain than with Irene. This time we’re in the 3-4 inches group.


Found this for Irene….We were in the 7-10 inch group. http://icons.wxug.com/hurricane/2012/irene2011filledrainwhite.gif

I thought we got closer to 10 inches..looking for the weather information from Indian Village…

UPDATE: Found it http://www.wunderground.com/weatherstation/WXDailyHistory.asp?ID=KNJCRANF3&month=8&day=27&year=2011

8/27 had 2.43 + 8/28 had 5.76 = 8.19 inches of rain.

Plus the ground was pretty saturated then. Last year we had more rainfall before Irene…one with about an inch about a week earlier, with two more days with some precipitaion before the storm hit. This year, the last rainfall was about an inch on the 19th…so it had nine days to drain out.

UPDATE 10/29/12 9 AM…We’re still on the fringes of this one…not much rainfall yet, but we have about 30 hours to go. Lots of birds are chirping outside so it’s not bad enough yet.