A friend of mine scoffed the other day when looking at the hurricane preparedness tips..filling the bathtub, checking flashlights, buying batteries…made sense, but filling up the gas in the car? For what, escape purposes?

And I agreed with him.

But we’re now seeing where that tidbit, drawn from Katrina and the impact to the Gulf cost refineries…kinda made sense.

I ran into an acquaintance today who told me that she waited 7 hours at the Cranford Sunoco on Centennial. Whoa.

As power gets restored, and the generator demand evaporates, hopefully we can get back to normal.

But this caught my eye…maybe there will be supply issues for the next couple of weeks.


And here is a gas blog (you can search twitter for #njgas) that will tell you what stations were open in Mahwah, Salem, Carteret…