One of the schoolyear calendar items you could bank on was the first week of November. With Election Day, and the 2 day boondoggle of a teacher’s union convention in Atlantic City, if you had kids in school you felt fine booking flights, making plans and getting out of town with only 2 days of school missed.

Well, Dr. Carrick, who seems to be learning on the job in all manners crisis-related (my favorite was the 4AM Honeywell Alert Calls for a snow day two years ago which rang every landline and cellphone in the house simultaneously), is making the calendar change to have school next week on Thursday and Friday since we blew through the snow days and then some.

The tickets are bought, Dr. Carrick. We’re not incurring any change fees on your behalf. I can only imagine how many teachers are annoyed about this, as well.

Also, the alert made me chuckle, the Cranford Education Association “came to an agreement wih the Superintendent’s office to cancel their participation in the convention”… Wow, that’s big of them. Especially when their convention site is a complete disaster area and it was doomed anyway.

Unilaterally changing the calendar with so little notice does not provide the best optics. We knew Spring Break would probably be shortened, since that is what it says in the handbook when too many snow days are needed.

With all the crisis and trees down and long gas lines and whatnot, a little predictability would go a long way.

Maybe she will add this to her crisis-management list of lessons.