File this in the “this is completely not a shock” category.

Despite having three or more days of warning of an impending hurricane with a massive storm surge expected, NJTransit left dozens of cars and locomotives sitting in the Hoboken and Kearny yards.

Now they’re all broken and need repairs.

Can you say schedule reductions and fare hikes?

Plus cries for more subsidies?

This is where I don’t get why people are so quick to trust government. No one will be fired for this. No one will be disciplined for this. They probably don’t think they did anything wrong.

It would not have been impossible to move the assets to higher ground unless it was in such a state of disrepair that it was immobile. You see, you can take a locomotive and hook a whole bunch of train cars to it and move it to a railyard with higher elevation away from the coast. (People seem to like condescending comments explaining the obvious about aircraft carriers and stuff, so I am throwing that in there for them.)

Yes, you could argue that there was no recent precedent of flooding. That’s true. But the Weather Channel and NWS was shrieking for days about the danger. And any risk manager worth their salt should have been looking at the downside of leaving stock in an area where there is a possibility of flooding from storm surge. This is like shore store owners not boarding up their windows..that level of stupid.

It is much cheaper to move locomotives than it is to replace them or spend weeks fixing them.

Sigh. So it is again obvious that NJTransit doesn’t care. Is kinda stupid. Constantly wastes money.

So no, this is not a shock.

UPDATE: Here is a Reuters article which goes into 10 times more detail than the Star-Ledger..which is essentially…damning. When the LIRR looks smart compared to you…you have a way to go.