Yesterday’s shooting at an elementary school in CT is shocking and heartbreaking. The pain inflicted on these families is unfathomable.

But while many Facebook friends are screaming for “more gun control!”, I think many people are focusing on the wrong common demoninator here.

We can’t ban evil. As long as any gun exists and is at all accessible to someone evil…all the gun control laws will do is remove the apprehension that someone will be armed and stop them.

We can’t easily stop the 24 hour news cycle, where evil people can almost instantly become household names, and be remembered for years. Which is one of their goals.

But what we can do is look at the almost completely dismantled mental health system in this country…it is an uncomfortable topic, but we all pay too high a price for the fact that the mental health infrastructure (or lack thereof, rather) is impacting our daily lives at unbelievable levels. It does more to instill fear of rampages in malls, schools and offices than al Qaeda ever could. Or that we don’t let our children play outside unsupervised.

With today’s technology, there is a much greater opportunity to work with the mentally ill…opportunities to find ways to prevent these people from “going off their meds”, or look at mental hospitals in a whole new way that is more effective for the community and the patient.

This is a better debate and focus to have. Getting rid of guns will not do it. Getting rid of CNN will not do it. Getting this country to lose it’s reluctance to deal with mental health issues in a rational way will do some of it.

But as long as evil exists, it will continue in some form or another.