When the Star-Ledger Editorial Board doesn’t like something that enhances government revenues…means it’s really, really bad.

Or their editorial board are a bunch of speed-demon red light-runners.

But in this “broken clock is right twice a day” editorial, they’re right. Red Light cameras are pretty awful.


We know this personally. We’ve been tagged in Linden at Route 1 and Stiles.

We did two things about it:

We fought the ticket (losing, of course, but wasting as much of the Linden court’s time as much as we could). Yes…the yellow light is EXACTLY three seconds, so that is not a winning defense.

And we avoid going to Linden unless it is absolutely necessary. We don’t go to the movies there anymore and we check the Garwood Home Depot first. And we stop at the yellow light if we do have to go there, since we figure we’d rather save $115 even if it angers the guy in the truck behind us. (So Linden-based merchants, you may want to mention that you have fewer customers at the next council meeting…even though council probably doesn’t care.)

Red light cameras have to go.