In the past year we have really cut down our trips to Linden to the bare minimum due to the red light cameras on 1 & 9. And with the new shopping center going up in Clark, our trips to Linden will be even less frequent.

So we were not upset that the red light camera pilot period was supposed to sunset later this year.

But we have the towns with them, and used to the money they throw off, not wanting to let them go. And covering themselves in the “Bu- bu- But it saves lives!” mantra.

But as one quickly googled US DOT study shows,

red light cameras essentially cause a trade off from right angle crashes to rear-end crashes…which makes sense to us, as we will stomp on the brakes at a hint of yellow in Linden.

There are other traffic safety devices that can be explored,

but do not generate anywhere near the cash, if any at all. Bu- Bu- But those too would save lives!