The Star Ledger attended a press event where Customs Officials very coldly crushed an Austin Mini because it was “illegally” imported from the UK.

The buyer of the car, who according to the article paid for the vehicle, likely in good faith, will not be reimbursed.

Why do I find this annoying and wrong?

Well, first off, the vehicle was altered to get around the arbitrary rules that when legislated applied to cars 25 years and older, likely because out west cars don’t rust like they do here. Maybe it could have applied to cars 15 years and older which would have made sense for cars in states that have actual winters? (They should have let California just be California).

Second, rather then turn the car back at customs and send it back to the UK, they seize it and destroy it. They don’t insist it be parted out. There’s no fine. They take it and destroy it because someone altered it to get around the rules that don’t really make much sense anyway.

When the citizen does not break a law, but a regulation, and the government does not provide the citizen any opportunity to remedy, rectify, or appeal the government’s ruling, I have a problem with that. I don’t find that acceptable. And the government does this type of stuff all the time. They enjoy having this kind of power.

And this is where corruption and graft come from.

Think the buyer, who inexplicably wanted a British Mini in the first place, will do this again? Not this way. (Notice that was not a flat no.)