So today on there’s a “see where you can afford along the NJ transit rail lines” article.

And it is comical.

Cranford is a big winner with a median home value of $551k. Much higher than Garwood, but also much higher than Westfield.

How on earth could that be? Everyone knows that Westfield is more expensive than Cranford.

Except the Star-Ledger.

Their analysis looked at the Census block data in the area immediately surrounding the train station. That skews things as towns with more apartments close to the train, or like Westfield, few housing units near the train besides apartments above stores on the north side of town, all of which affects the median value of that Census block.

Home Values Raritan Valley Line

Zip code would make more sense to me because of commuter parking and property taxes having an effect on value.

If you use the zip, Cranford’s median value drops to $456,700.

Cranford Home Values 2013

And Westfield’s pops to $656,900

Westfield Home Values 2013

This took me 15 minutes during my lunch hour.