The block of Lincoln between North and South Avenues here in Cranford is actually a NJ state highway: Route 59. (The shortest state highway in NJ, in fact.)

It came in at Number 10 for NJ highways that have the most accidents per million miles driven (7.97), more than double Route 1 and Route 9. Being that the highway is one block long and has lots of left turns going on, I would suppose it does have its share.

But since the road is only 1 block long (.15 miles), is it a meaningful statistic when comparing to much longer roads? With two major intersections at each end, it would have more intersections per mile than pretty much anywhere. Route 1 and Route 9 intersections have much greater space between intersections for most of their lengths.

Plus, how many cars would need to traverse in order to get to the million miles driven? It would take about 7 million trips or so to get a million miles driven on that road. So the accident rate of about 8 for 7 million trips sounds pretty low to me. Your chance of an accident is a little less than one in a million.

Take that Routes 1 and 9.

Plus, Route 22 is not in the top 10. Which is surprising. But then, if everyone is moving at three miles an hour most of the day, perhaps there are not that many reportable accidents…just bumper taps.