We’re all being asked to be nuisances to our elected representatives so they can waste some of the government’s money on us for flood control instead of some other pork project somewhere else that will be only to the benefit of the people skimming money.

So, hey, why not? http://cranford.com/fund-the-flood-control-project-regarding-the-rahway-river/

Tip: Don’t begin your letter with something like:

“Dear Impossibly Corrupt and Unethical Thieves:”

It probably won’t be considered very persuasive.

Speaking of corruption, I am continuing my Oscar boycott for yet another year. I do admit that I did read a couple of the “brutally honest” Oscar ballots in the Hollywood Reporter. I thought it amusing that all of the voters profiled hated “The Revenant”. I don’t care for Leo DiCaprio..I don’t know about you, but when he’s onscreen, I can’t help but stare at his eyebrows. They’re like a bad toupee.