Was going to post something about the Halloween Parade but in doing yard work on the almost too-warm Sunday, I didn’t make it in time. Oh, well.

So thankfully, mercifully, finally we are done with the political season in a week. I can’t wait.

I have spent some time in the past couple days reading some of the emails on the wikileaks site. Not necessarily the ones highlighted in the media but skipping around and reading a random one here and there and in bulk. And I’ve learned a few things.

  1. John Podesta is not technologically savvy and will take the bus.
  2. They knew the private server was a wrong thing to do (it was) and everybody was using gmail instead of expected domain servers.
  3. They worried about things that I was surprised that they found important (emails discussing hours-long meetings on arcane or what I’d consider trivial topics).
  4. They really have pals in the media.
  5. Being corrupt is harder work than I thought.

Please, before I am savaged for partisan bias, note that I am not endorsing anybody or promoting anybody. And I live in New Jersey where my vote doesn’t really matter.I just thought that I’d take a look at some of the raw data dump as it is an opportunity to peek behind the curtain. https://wikileaks.com/podesta-emails/

That said, in aggregate our votes do matter, especially for Cranford Board of Ed and for the Town Council. As well as the referenda.

So go vote on November 8th!