Unfortunately, NJTransit plays a role in our family’s life that is greater than we’d like. And we have plenty of war stories on how many times it made us late, left us behind, left us stranded, or gave us a miserable commute.

So, this morning I read a breakdown of candidate “plans” on how to “fix” NJTransit.

And I am now certain of how I feel about the candidates.

I don’t like any of them.

NJTransit has been a mess for decades, and I get that to fix it would be a herculean effort.

What would be the fastest way to clean it up? People will rain hate on my when I say privatization and modification of union contracts, but that is what it would take.

And anyone running for governor in NJ could never say that and have a prayer. Plus the constituencies that all line up for the fleecing of the state and commuters are very entrenched. It would be hard to do.

So the candidates are all picking easier things to do.

An Audit? Easy. Consequences are hard and would be limited.

More Federal Dollars? Easy. Papers over the problems and more people who should not get rich will get rich.

Raise taxes? Easy. But doesn’t fix anything.

Cross Honoring? They do that now.

My takeaway? Whomever gets in, nothing will happen. And we will be retired and long gone before anything gets better, or remote working arrangements finally nullify the need to commute. I see the latter as more likely than fixing NJTransit.