We are a suburban family in Cranford, NJ, with special insights into entrepreneurship, immigration, parenting and putting up with the nonsense that New Jersey can uniquely offer.

We own a business and we want it to survive and grow. In NJ. That influences our thinking a lot. We’re not a partisan household (our house can be described as purple), but we want sound choices from grown-ups who understand history enough to not make the same mistakes – regardless of party.

Similar to a small but growing number of Cranford residents, we are transplants from Manhattan. We came here a few years back because of family connections, the good schools, commute options and a downtown with sidewalks that seemed convenient.

For the record, we do like it here. We hope to continue to like it here. And so far, the vast majority of people we met have been pleasant, unpretentious, and seem to appreciate the same things about Cranford that we do.

But no place is perfect, and while Cranford is probably better off than the majority of New Jersey municipalities, it still has many things that could use some attention.

And attention is what we plan to give in our self-appointed role of pundit.

(If you have an idea for a post or know some Cranford news you’d like to share, you can email cranfordpundit at yahoo dot com.)


13 Responses to “About”

  1. Thanks for the link. I am returning the favor.

  2. henry Says:

    I love your blog! Great insights. How can we help you?

  3. S Says:

    Jan. 6, 2008

    Nice Job! I never knew you were so funny (OK, I had some idea…), and insightful (Yes, I guessed that as well).

    I’m happy to send information on Cranford and NJ as it passes my way.

    Let’s get together more in 2009.



  4. kalim Says:

    Nice blog. Keep the info on Cranford coming.

  5. Lisa Hom Says:

    do you have any day cares or preschools you can recommend? We are moving from brooklyn and would like full day care for our 3 year old daughter.

    thank you!

    1. Cranford Pundit Says:

      For a potty-trained 3 year old there’s more choices than for infants…We have mixed experiences with Rainbow Academy on South Ave (friends liked it, we didn’t), we have friends who liked KinderCare in Clark (off of Central Ave).

      There is also Calvary Lutheran and Trinity Episcopal, which I know less about but have heard nothing bad. You should be able to find something you like. It is a very personal choice, so I would take your own gut feel over some blogger’s recommendation.

      Once your daughter gets to kindergarten, there is wraparound/aftercare with PrimeTime on the north side and Christian Connection on the south side. Both of them have a good reputation.

      Hope that helps.

  6. brwagenblast Says:

    Interesting site. Glad to see you’ve updated it recently. May I ask you to consider adding another site to your listing of Cranford sources? Cranford Radio at http://www.cranfordradio.com just restarted on Jan. 1 after fixing some technical issues. It’s a unique site for Cranford where you can hear interviews with a variety of Cranford people. It’s just getting started and I hope the content will grow significantly in the weeks and months ahead. Thank you.

    Bernie Wagenblast

    1. Cranford Pundit Says:

      Done. I like what you did to make it easier to listen. Best of luck with the new site. Blogs can be a brutal usurper of time and can be tempting to neglect; so I hope you fare better than I have with my three month gaps in posts.

  7. brwagenblast Says:


  8. I emailed you a proposed blog post. Please let me know if you can use it.

  9. Betsy Says:

    Great blog and very informative! We are looking to move from Hoboken to Cranford but I was disappointed to find out that the pre-k is through a lottery and it’s only half day kindergarten. Many small towns in NJ offer universal pre-k as well as full day kindergarten so naturally I assumed Cranford is no different. Any thoughts why there are limited resources for that age group within the school system? Any plans to change that? Thanks in advance.

    1. Cranford Pundit Says:

      I haven’t heard anything concrete about a move to full-day kindergarten, but there are rumors. There are some private options in the area for full day, but you may want to look at the wraparound programs at Christian Connection or PrimeTime. They pick up or drop off as needed.

      I would be surprised if they opened up more pre-k as I think it would be a space issue as well as cost. There are about a half-dozen private pre-k options, and more if your commute takes you through Clark or Westfield.

      1. Betsy Says:

        Thank you!

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