With 29/30 reporting, the Republicans look like they will have two places on the Township Committee.


Cranford Township Committee (2)
29/30 96.67%
Under Votes 1120
Over Votes 0
Vote Count Percent
Dem – Kevin CAMPBELL 3,253 23.83%
Dem – Kelly M. HOWARD 3,156 23.12%
Rep – Mary O’CONNOR 3,713 27.20%
Rep – Robert D’AMBOLA 3,527 25.84%
Personal Choice 3 0.02%
Total 13,652 100.00%


The Republicans performed better in the Freeholder election than I expected…but the Dems will have full control once again.


411/427 96.25%
Under Votes 56786
Over Votes 0
Vote Count Percent
Dem – Linda CARTER 47,873 18.65%
Dem – Bette Jane KOWALSKI 46,167 17.99%
Dem – Sergio GRANADOS 45,118 17.58%
Rep – Marc A. KRAUSS 39,303 15.31%
Rep – P. Mark MARTINI 39,434 15.37%
Rep – Ira GEIGER 38,708 15.08%
Personal Choice 33 0.01%
Total 256,636 100.00%

In recent days, depending on what you read, the IRS has been accused for targeting conservatives. Some people are starting to doubt the IRS.

And I have no doubt that the targeting is true.

But I don’t think it’s limited to just the applications for statuses. I would like to see the breakdown of who gets audited, how long the audit lasts, the severity of the audits….and I think there will be a trend there too. (And not just because more small businesses are owned by Republicans…what would be helpful would be to see the proportion of Republicans who were politically active who were audited.

I got audited in 2010…I have a family member still dealing with an audit from the same time period.

I am not that political. My family member is.

With the atmosphere now and what is coming out now, should we assume that it was 100 percent luck of the draw?


Happy Thanksgiving, all. We hope you enjoy the day.

…and a little something to think about while we donate larger proportions of our bounty…it goes to stupidity such as this:

Sorry if that dampens the mood.

File this in the “this is completely not a shock” category.

Despite having three or more days of warning of an impending hurricane with a massive storm surge expected, NJTransit left dozens of cars and locomotives sitting in the Hoboken and Kearny yards.

Now they’re all broken and need repairs.

Can you say schedule reductions and fare hikes?

Plus cries for more subsidies?

This is where I don’t get why people are so quick to trust government. No one will be fired for this. No one will be disciplined for this. They probably don’t think they did anything wrong.

It would not have been impossible to move the assets to higher ground unless it was in such a state of disrepair that it was immobile. You see, you can take a locomotive and hook a whole bunch of train cars to it and move it to a railyard with higher elevation away from the coast. (People seem to like condescending comments explaining the obvious about aircraft carriers and stuff, so I am throwing that in there for them.)

Yes, you could argue that there was no recent precedent of flooding. That’s true. But the Weather Channel and NWS was shrieking for days about the danger. And any risk manager worth their salt should have been looking at the downside of leaving stock in an area where there is a possibility of flooding from storm surge. This is like shore store owners not boarding up their windows..that level of stupid.

It is much cheaper to move locomotives than it is to replace them or spend weeks fixing them.

Sigh. So it is again obvious that NJTransit doesn’t care. Is kinda stupid. Constantly wastes money.

So no, this is not a shock.

UPDATE: Here is a Reuters article which goes into 10 times more detail than the Star-Ledger..which is essentially…damning. When the LIRR looks smart compared to you…you have a way to go.

Now that NJN will be sort of no more…and the state will be free of her nice salary. And a bunch of other people’s.

I like this. I ignored NJN for the most part and it was nuts to have state government funding as much as it did.

I guess that the FiOS news channel will fill the void for local news I surf past.

Or out of our property tax bills.

Seriously, did you really expect the town to keep the sewer bill in with the property taxes when they have the hard spending cap? Did you?

Well, the entire Cranford Democrat platform of 2010 is now moot:

And the whole process has been one of the silliest things I’ve seen in a while.

First I thought it was interesting that T-Mobile would be running ads that poke fun at the company that will be buying them.

But the line in the ad: “It makes sense if you don’t think about it” struck me.

It really did. I think some ad guy struck upon would should be the political phrase of the decade. It sums it all up as succintly as possible.

Make huge public pension guarantees? Tax the wealthy until they leave? Complain about the lack of growth while the government descends of small business like locusts?

“It makes sense if you don’t think about it.”

It’s perfect.

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