I’m wracking my brain as far as what movies I have seen in the theater this past year. I came up with Zootopia. I didn’t even see the December Star Wars other-quel. Finger on the pulse…that’s me.

So the Oscars would be a waste even more than hearing how half the country are just awful, awful, people. I wouldn’t know (or remotely care) about the films, even though some may have some redeeming qualities.

I reorganized a bunch of stuff in my basement instead, which I found much more satisfying. Plus it will result in fewer “what is the deal with that stuff by the workbench” queries I get regularly.

I noticed this weekend that the bulbs are starting to grow. The daffodils and the crocuses are pushing their way through. Will we get another dumping of snow or are we done? I think done.

Bridgegate was a scandal that I never really got interested in. For me it was sort of petty college prank level stuff. My reaction was more “really, this is what they’re going with?? as opposed to a reaction of “He. Must. Resign. Today.”

The Star Ledger beat the drum daily for years and that was tiresome and I would scroll past the articles. I did a lot of scrolling. Actually most articles on NJ.com are worth scrolling past. But that’s another post.

So the Governor’s office had a press release noting the fact that the matter is over. http://nj.gov/governor/news/news/552017/approved/20170127c.html

Did it derail his career and Presidential aspirations? I think they were pretty much done without it. The man can talk. I’ll give him that. He can think on his feet when confronted. But as far as getting things done and governing? I think he missed so many opportunities that we will be bearing the brunt of it for years. NJ is sliding downward. Just drive around if you don’t believe me. Not crashing, but sliding downward. He didn’t do much to arrest that.

If he had more traction in the polls he would have gotten more scrutiny on his record. The things he touted as “fixed” are in fact not fixed at all. The property tax “fix” is  nonsense. Towns just discovered that they can peel off services and bill for them separately.

He really didn’t get very much done.

What I think would have really killed his candidacy even if he survived the scrutiny was his plan to “save” Social Security by introducing means testing. So once again, if you worked and saved and were able to squirrel away enough to retire, the government would look at what you had and determine that the 15% or so percent that they withheld from you and your employer would no longer be yours anymore, and be handed to some impulsive and irresponsible person who didn’t save.

Which, as far as government behavior goes, is pretty typical.

But that is a crappy solution to the problem. A partial privatization would have fixed it without pain. A transfer of a portion of funds to an individual account where you could determine the allocation (so you had a shot to get it to get some return on investment) could have worked better. But to turn around and tell a large segment of the population they’ll get nothing and like it? Whomever his pollster was that said it would fly should have been escorted out immediately.

With his eviction off the Trump transition team, it’s not clear what’s next for him. At least I would think he won’t lose billions of dollars of his customers money trying to bolster a hare-brained investing scheme, like some people we know.





Was going to post something about the Halloween Parade but in doing yard work on the almost too-warm Sunday, I didn’t make it in time. Oh, well.

So thankfully, mercifully, finally we are done with the political season in a week. I can’t wait.

I have spent some time in the past couple days reading some of the emails on the wikileaks site. Not necessarily the ones highlighted in the media but skipping around and reading a random one here and there and in bulk. And I’ve learned a few things.

  1. John Podesta is not technologically savvy and will take the bus.
  2. They knew the private server was a wrong thing to do (it was) and everybody was using gmail instead of expected domain servers.
  3. They worried about things that I was surprised that they found important (emails discussing hours-long meetings on arcane or what I’d consider trivial topics).
  4. They really have pals in the media.
  5. Being corrupt is harder work than I thought.

Please, before I am savaged for partisan bias, note that I am not endorsing anybody or promoting anybody. And I live in New Jersey where my vote doesn’t really matter.I just thought that I’d take a look at some of the raw data dump as it is an opportunity to peek behind the curtain. https://wikileaks.com/podesta-emails/

That said, in aggregate our votes do matter, especially for Cranford Board of Ed and for the Town Council. As well as the referenda.

So go vote on November 8th!


It has been an eternity since I posted. We are some of the few remaining here in town for the holiday, as it feels like 70% have started their annual exodus to LBI.

I am hoping to take some pictures of the Memorial Day parade provided I don’t oversleep.

Update: Memorial Day Parade was cancelled. Too bad, the rain let up in time.

Regardless, please take a few minutes to remember those who gave all for our freedom.

We’re all being asked to be nuisances to our elected representatives so they can waste some of the government’s money on us for flood control instead of some other pork project somewhere else that will be only to the benefit of the people skimming money.

So, hey, why not? http://cranford.com/fund-the-flood-control-project-regarding-the-rahway-river/

Tip: Don’t begin your letter with something like:

“Dear Impossibly Corrupt and Unethical Thieves:”

It probably won’t be considered very persuasive.

Speaking of corruption, I am continuing my Oscar boycott for yet another year. I do admit that I did read a couple of the “brutally honest” Oscar ballots in the Hollywood Reporter. I thought it amusing that all of the voters profiled hated “The Revenant”. I don’t care for Leo DiCaprio..I don’t know about you, but when he’s onscreen, I can’t help but stare at his eyebrows. They’re like a bad toupee.


Given the mild start to the winter, we are statistically bound to get something. The downside this time is that we don’t have Pathmark to go to once the shelves at ShopRite are bare. Unless we go drop some serious cash at WholeFoods.

Good Luck.


From NJ.com

One three-year term
✓ Thomas H. Hannen, Jr. (D)* – 2,440
Michael A. Petrucci (R) – 1,669

One unexpired term
Barbara A. Bilger (R)* – 1,940
✓ Patrick F. Giblin (D) – 2,127

Three three-year terms
✓ William B. Hulse – 2,164
✓ Maria Loikith – 2,188

I think it is the revenge of Old Peppy.

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