Hard to believe it has been 15 years. Today I was away in New York state and away from a computer. So I didn’t have a chance to post until now.

It also let me beg off from a “day of service” project, which I had no interest in doing. Not because I am not for performing service and being part of the community, but a “service day” on September 11th is hollow to me. A distraction or a minimization of what happened.

I don’t want to remember a day of service. I don’t want to forget this:


From My NYC Apartment Window

Coming home tonight I first noticed the lights from downtown NYC shining into the sky a little north of Poughkeepsie. A high cloud ceiling helped. And I could see them as the Thruway and Parkway bent around the curves and around the hills. And I could see them in Cranford without any trouble, provided there is a high enough spot or large enough clearing.


Taken near the Walnut Avenue School 9/11/2016

Been a fun summer, with some of it spent here in town.

With the rain at the July 4th fireworks, my thought was that they didn’t want to make the mistake that they made with the Memorial Day Parade.

Verdict: They are 0-2. We got soaked to the skin. Decent show though but unfortunate that they started early. The next night we went to Clark and had a dry and enjoyable experience. They put on a pretty long show over there and there was plenty of room. Tip: The bridge over the pond on Raritan Road by Madison Hill Road is THE viewing place for those wanting to avoid traffic. There had to be 150 people there.

We have sampled some of the new-ish restaurants. Here are some notes:

River and Rail – Nice atmosphere, meh service bordering on clueless and forgettable food. But it looks like the clientele doesn’t really care as long as they have their Margarita or Coronita in their hands. I don’t understand why the owner is upset about the renovations to the substation, you really can’t see it with the trees lining South Avenue. Maybe he’ll want to be without power for 13 days sometime in order to have the preferred aesthetic.

By the way. RIP to the 1902 trolley station on the PSEG substation property.


Ciao Bello – Doesn’t this mean “Hey Guy” in Italian? Pluses: The eggplant parmesan was floured, not breaded (breaded eggplant parm is a heavy, greasy mess and is a major minus to me when eating Italian). The service was acceptable as was the food. The personal pizza came with a mound of arugula, which was good while being a bit of a surprise for the person ordering it.

Mr. Bin Sushi – They had good quality fish which we enjoyed; they are open surprisingly late. We’ve already been back.

A couple more weeks are left, maybe we’ll hit a few more places before the hordes come back.

It has been an eternity since I posted. We are some of the few remaining here in town for the holiday, as it feels like 70% have started their annual exodus to LBI.

I am hoping to take some pictures of the Memorial Day parade provided I don’t oversleep.

Update: Memorial Day Parade was cancelled. Too bad, the rain let up in time.

Regardless, please take a few minutes to remember those who gave all for our freedom.

We’re all being asked to be nuisances to our elected representatives so they can waste some of the government’s money on us for flood control instead of some other pork project somewhere else that will be only to the benefit of the people skimming money.

So, hey, why not? http://cranford.com/fund-the-flood-control-project-regarding-the-rahway-river/

Tip: Don’t begin your letter with something like:

“Dear Impossibly Corrupt and Unethical Thieves:”

It probably won’t be considered very persuasive.

Speaking of corruption, I am continuing my Oscar boycott for yet another year. I do admit that I did read a couple of the “brutally honest” Oscar ballots in the Hollywood Reporter. I thought it amusing that all of the voters profiled hated “The Revenant”. I don’t care for Leo DiCaprio..I don’t know about you, but when he’s onscreen, I can’t help but stare at his eyebrows. They’re like a bad toupee.


Given the mild start to the winter, we are statistically bound to get something. The downside this time is that we don’t have Pathmark to go to once the shelves at ShopRite are bare. Unless we go drop some serious cash at WholeFoods.

Good Luck.


From NJ.com

One three-year term
✓ Thomas H. Hannen, Jr. (D)* – 2,440
Michael A. Petrucci (R) – 1,669

One unexpired term
Barbara A. Bilger (R)* – 1,940
✓ Patrick F. Giblin (D) – 2,127

Three three-year terms
✓ William B. Hulse – 2,164
✓ Maria Loikith – 2,188

I think it is the revenge of Old Peppy.

The block of Lincoln between North and South Avenues here in Cranford is actually a NJ state highway: Route 59. (The shortest state highway in NJ, in fact.)


It came in at Number 10 for NJ highways that have the most accidents per million miles driven (7.97), more than double Route 1 and Route 9. Being that the highway is one block long and has lots of left turns going on, I would suppose it does have its share.


But since the road is only 1 block long (.15 miles), is it a meaningful statistic when comparing to much longer roads? With two major intersections at each end, it would have more intersections per mile than pretty much anywhere. Route 1 and Route 9 intersections have much greater space between intersections for most of their lengths.

Plus, how many cars would need to traverse in order to get to the million miles driven? It would take about 7 million trips or so to get a million miles driven on that road. So the accident rate of about 8 for 7 million trips sounds pretty low to me. Your chance of an accident is a little less than one in a million.

Take that Routes 1 and 9.

Plus, Route 22 is not in the top 10. Which is surprising. But then, if everyone is moving at three miles an hour most of the day, perhaps there are not that many reportable accidents…just bumper taps.