There have been a few videos in the past week or so of people popping in an “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” where it was not expected.

If it continues, it will be like a RickRoll, popping up when you don’t expect it.

Do I believe he killed himself? He was in a situation where the institutional incompetence was so great, that it is believable that he was there for that very reason, plus the failed suicide attempt days earlier. There are a LOT of people who would prefer him dead. So yes, put me in the believer camp, but with an asterisk that I know government incompetence is deeper than can easily be imagined.

Whether he did or didn’t is not that relevant at this point (besides the plus of bringing a murderer to justice). What is relevant is that the people who preferred him dead should be brought to light.

The light should shine on this. And this type of repeated awareness building will help.

I can’t wait for a nationally televised basketball game in the heartland. A chant begins.

“I!”, Crowd: “I!”

“I Believe!”, Crowd” “I Believe!”

“Epstein Did Not Kill Himself!”

I wonder how fast CBS would cut away from that.


Bramnick and Munoz held on.

For Cranford, I shamelessly pilfered from the Star-Ledger, which doesn’t have the Vote By Mail, so I updated with the totals from TV35 (UPDATE: The totals are all frigged up. Bottom Line: The last I saw O’Connor and Prunty have won. What the totals are, who the hell knows.)


MEMBERS OF THE TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE – 29 of 30 districts reporting

Two 3-year terms

Brian Andrews (D) – 3,388

Kathleen Miller Prunty (D) – 4,093

Mary O’Connor (R) – 3,867

Philip Siliato (R) – 3,335

SCHOOL BOARD — 29 of 30 districts reporting

Vote for three

Brian McCarthy – 2,428

Nicole Sherrin-Kessler – 3,176

Brian M. Lopez – 1,472

Brett Dreyer – 3,848

Patrick Lynch – 2,714

Veronica Doyle – 2,508


Congratulations to the winners.

Prediction: Taxes will go up.


I will admit that my enthusiasm for the election tomorrow is low. I am looking at it more like it being sweet relief.

The hard fought battle for Board of Education spots is more than I have ever seen in the nearly two decades living in town. And after all I have read I have come to a conclusion:

I don’t really like anybody.

Granted, there was plenty of well-poisoning in the Cranford Facebook groups with accusations and innuendo. Nobody was spared. And I am not convinced any candidates will really wade in and do the things that need to be done (like union contract negotiation toughness). Because those things are deliberately made difficult. We didn’t get into this mess due to a few corrupt apples. It is all institutionalized and traditional at this point, so it would be tough for anyone to try and break the cycle.

The busing plan appears to be dead, but like 750 Walnut, we’re still at least a reel and a half away from the end of this horror movie. The killer/monster will look dead at least two more times and slowly get up to chase us again.

It’s not over

But it is good to see people step up for the punching bag jobs like the Board of Ed and Town Council. They care enough about Cranford to put themselves out there, and I appreciate that.

The State Assembly fight is more lively than usual. Will it matter who wins? Pretty much only to the candidates. The fix is in on the state level regardless.

But I will miss the Gunderman / Mandelblatt ads. Regardless of whether I agree with them, the one ad where they are talking to residents is hilarious. If they wanted to come across as hectoring neighbors they totally succeeded. If you notice in other candidate ads the meeting with resident scenes always have voice overs and more smiles, not this ninny-style lecturing. Whomever their campaign consultants were, I would stop payment on that check. Especially if they lose.

C’mon Wednesday!


As my laptop was at Dell for warranty service, I missed a timely opportunity to note the anniversary.

Several times this year I have visited downtown NY and made my way through the Oculus to the WTC plaza. It is so different now.

And I am remembering little things like the granite pavers they used in the old plaza and how crazy slippery they would be when it was raining. And how the wind would bounce off the towers and whip down and be like a mini-hurricane. If you made your way across the plaza from Church Street towards the Hudson River (to go to Moran’s where opportunistic young ladies would flip your tie over to see what brand it was and if worthy, would continue to talk to you), there was an entrance to the walkway that would be nearly impossible to open because of the downward force of whatever wind there was and the pressure differences between the plaza and the walkway.

So long ago.

I am encouraged that others still see fit to mark the occasion. I understand if the ones who were not born yet don’t get it so much, and I am disappointed at the efforts by some to minimize it, but their political ends require it as it is one of their goals.

But I will remember until I remember nothing.



From My NYC Apartment Window

The Watcher House in Westfield has been sold after years of legal battles.

The Star-Ledger makes a flourish that the Broaddus’ sold it at a 400k loss.

However, they should not be crying. They will have or already have their cool million from Netflix for what can only be a dud of a movie about three anonymous letters.

So they paid roughly 1.4M, they probably spent a couple hundred thousand on legal fees suing the old owners and battling with the town to divide the lots, collected rent money (probably south of $100k, but let’s assume 100k), and got a big check from Netflix.

So at least a clear 500 grand in profit? Not bad.

Not bad at all for an amateur-level prank.

I have some thoughts on this that I will see if I can post next week (and add whatever the town council decisions are on the 8th). Until then, here is an article worth reading about the mess we are in with overdevelopment.


Having the fireworks on a night other than the 4th would save money, allegedly. So having them two days beforehand may be the wave of the future here in town. The show was pretty good. The crowd numbers were down from what we remember since half of Cranford is down at LBI and the other half have to work tomorrow.

Actually? The setting is nicer than most in the park, but for a show…I have to say I think Clark’s is better.


Happy Independence Day, everyone, regardless of what day it is.

Update: Here are two videos for comparison. I would recommend muting your speakers, however:

Cranford. July 2, 2019

Clark. July 4, 2019